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Critter-up Your 2019 on a Flashlight Safari, in Sylmar

Explore the Wildlife Learning Center, after dark, on the first Saturday of the new year.



    Critter-up Your 2019 on a Flashlight Safari, in Sylmar
    Wildlife Learning Center
    Sloths and amphibians and hedgehogs, hurray: Join a 30-minute after-dark exploration of the Wildlife Learning Center on Saturday, Jan. 5.

    What to Know

    • Wildlife Learning Center

    • Saturday, Jan. 5

    • $15 for a 30-minute tour

    We humans tend to make all sorts of grand and far-reaching proclamations as a new year begins, from the habits we'll attempt to adopt (or shake free) to the fresh adventures we're hoping to have to, yes, simply slowing down and savoring life.

    Few resolution-makers, though, actually vow to "critter up" in the coming months, but basically the notion of adding more critters to one's life is inherent in most New Year's Day promises that we make to ourselves.

    After all, connecting with nature is a pursuit brimming with gifts, from incorporating more adventure to savoring life (yours and the critters you meet).

    And you'll see a host of critters on the first Saturday evening of 2019, should you head for Sylmar, and the Wildlife Learning Center, which is place to join an after-dark, way-nifty Flashlight Safari.

    What amazing beasties will your beam find while they're at their "most active"?

    The sky, or rather the center, is the limit.

    So many magnificent animals call the Wildlife Learning Center home, including that sloth-tastic superstar, Lola, and beautiful Zeus, the blind owl with the galactic eyes.

    The upshot: Plenty of other itty-bitty creatures, and creatures that are not so itty nor bitty, will be seen along the 30-minute tour, which costs $15 to join.

    You can also count on a meet-and-greet opportunity, though, with a rabbit, a chinchilla, and a North American porcupine.


    Definity not cool, temperature-wise, but pretty cool in theory? Hot cocoa will be served.


    There will be three tours on Saturday, Jan. 5, at 6, 6:30, and 7 in the evening, and as each tour only holds 20 people, you'll want to snag your spot as fast as an owl alights on a branch.

    Don't be sloth-like in your ticket purchasing, is what we're saying. As awesome as following The Sloth Way truly is, and all of the slow-down lessons it imparts, you'll want to move on the fast side for this fun, holiday-ending event.

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