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Discover the Arts, Art-Loving People of Los Angeles

Discounts abound at some of our region's top cultural institutes.



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    Where will you take in culture this spring? There are discounts around town courtesy of Discover the Arts.

    Growing complacent about when special occasions fall on the calendar is a pretty human trait, and one that we should forgive ourselves for.

    We expect Halloween to happen in October and Thanksgiving in November and Los Angeles Arts Month to fully take over January.

    So when Christmas in July trots along, and haunted cemetery tours start up in hot summer, and a bunch of museums gather and welcome discounts in the spring, well. We get addled. Pleasantly surprised, mind you, but slightly discombobulated.

    But we'll take the discombobulation if it means getting into Southern California's best cultural institutions for free or at a hefty discount. Nope, it isn't January -- the flower-bursting temperatures tell us that -- and it isn't LA Arts Month, but it is Discover the Arts time, which is running through Friday, April 26.

    What institutions are involved? Practically every place that gives out a little sticker for your lapel and a picture-laden brochure: Getty Center, Craft and Folk Art Museum, Zimmer Children's Museum, the LA Opera, and the Huntington are a few of the major names on the mondo list.

    Nope, it isn't all "free admission for everyone!" -- some places are offering a percentage off a ticket, some a two-for-one deal -- so read accordingly.

    Metro and Ralphs are behind this one. Could late March and April be the new January, in terms of rivaling LA Arts Month? We hope not. We see both times of the year more as happy, culture-loving cousins than competitors.

    More art, more money being saved, more more.

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