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Downtown Glow: Lightsaber Battle LA

"Star Wars" fans'll square off, good-naturedly, on the opening day of "The Force Awakens."



    Downtown Glow: Lightsaber Battle LA
    Getty Images for Disney
    Lots of lightsabers made a dramatic showing at the 2015 Comic-Con. Will Lightsaber Battle LA see even more? Book your spot for the Dec. 18 fan meet-up. (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney)

    December 18, 2015 is still over a month away, but thousands of "Star Wars" fans already have their movie tickets on the fridge, front and centered, as prominently displayed as the Death Star against a background of stars.

    But simply having movie tickets in hand — or, um, upon refrigerator — is often not enough for the diehard 'droid devotee. Wookiee-shaped cupcakes must be made, Millenium Falcon-themed party favors must be ordered, and when a downtown lightsaber battle comes along, one must join in.
    Or at least make a date to observe the Force-embued event, a happening that's going down in a few different cities, including San Francisco and San Diego. Lightsaber Battle LA is scheduled to coincide with day #1 of "The Force Awakens," and it's happening in a galaxy very not far away at all. It's this galaxy, in fact, at Pershing Square, which will see fans gather to give the downtown night a galactic glow, via a sea of lightsabers.
    Unlike conflict in the wider cosmos, there are some gentle advisements on being gentle here, such as swinging gently. But true-blue buffs know that the art of wielding a lightsaber is one of skillful elegance, and the only force applied to any actions is the Force itself.
    In short: Everyone play nice and have fun, is the word from organizers.
    It's a Jedi/Sith face-off, and attendees are advised to "(p)ick a side" in "the ultimate nocturnal showdown." You only need to throw down ten bucks for use of a lightsaber, a lightsaber, we'll add, that can spin through a sextet of glowing hues.
    Newmindspace is the organization behind the gathering, and if you're scratching your chin and thinking "huh, this all sounds a bit like a pillow fight," well, they've organized those, too. Lightsaber Academy is also partnering on this fan happening, and if you want to see some demo-ing and technique, before the big event, that'll happen the night before, on Thursday, Dec. 17.
    Will you stay in your Jedi costume, the one you wear to a morning showing of the new film, before making for downtown on the evening of Dec. 18? That's up to you.
    The basic truth of that December Friday, the final Friday of autumn 2015, is this: Anywhere you go in Southern California that day you're bound to see Han Solos and Chewbaccas and Storm Troopers and C-3POs. Some fans may keep their celebrating to their homes — Wookiee cupcakes, anyone? -- but bet on a whole bunch of mavens participating in lightsaber larks and theater parties and such.
    There's still time to get your Han-handsome vest ordered, is what we're recommending here. Though, like the Falcon on hyperdrive, Dec. 18 will be here in an instant, so don't dally on your day-of plans, Leias and Lukes of LA.

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