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Free and So Loved: Dance Downtown Nights

Seven chances to swing it at Music Center Plaza



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    Dance Downtown
    Ready to shake it to Bollywood, disco and salsa? The ever-popular and oh-so-free Dance Downtown returns for seven Friday nights starting on June 5.

    Sometimes the word "free" has a gorgeous sheen on it, a glitter and sparkle that can obscure the contents within. Maybe what the free thing isn't so hot, but we're lured by our common love of saving some cash.

    And then there are those happenings where the sparkly "free" absolutely predicts the awesomeness of what lies within. Look to Dance Downtown, the perennially popular multi-night happening that shakes its tail from June to August each year at Music Center Plaza.

    Question for those who love it: Is "perennially popular" strong enough, though? Regulars can't talk this annual happening up enough.

    You'll recall, dear regulars, that while Dance Downtown takes place over several Friday nights, they are not concurrent Friday nights. So when we say this thing gets thumping on Friday, June 5, you'll expect that the next one won't be for two weeks. And you'd be correct.

    And, as in past years, there shall be themes and music styles. Opening night is all about salsa, July 17 is Bollywood and closing night, which is Aug. 28, is samba. Other styles include line-dancing, Cumbia, disco and the tango.

    You'll sway from 7 to 11 o'clock, if swaying for four hours, give or take, is your jam.

    And you'll delight in dancing between the majestic Dorothy Chandler and elegant Mark Taper Forum, with the stunning Department of Water and Power Building on one side and City Hall admiring your dance moves from a distance. Settings don't come more cinematic, so if you've ever wanted to dance on some sort of grand stage, this'll come pretty dang close.

    Yep, the sweetness conveyed by "free" here is well-deserved, well-loved, and well-boogie'd. You're prepared to boogie through summer, right, SoCalers? Don't let summer '15 pass by boogie-free.

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