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Halloween in May: ScareLA Tickets on Sale

The eerie affair of summer has a not-too-creepy presale afoot.



    Halloween in May: ScareLA Tickets on Sale
    ScareLA, the everything-Halloween convention, is back at The Reef downtown this August. Need tickets and need an early discount? Nab 'em now with a special code.

    Halloween in May? The only way the ghouliest holiday crosses minds in the springtime is if people happen upon skeleton decorations while digging through the basement for pool toys and other warm-weather items.

    It isn't a thing, in short, but for one eerie asterisk: That isn't true in Southern California, where as we type this, some gloomy horror film is surely being shot.

    We're Creepy Central, with our effects and props and entertainment pursuits, there's a Halloween-themed convention that has addressed our region's eekier side: ScareLA.

    The everything-to-do-with-Halloween gathering debuted last August, at LA Mart (now The Reef), and it'll back for another summer spook-out, on Saturday, Aug. 9 and Sunday, Aug. 10. Once again, make-up professionals shall be demo-ing the latest in zombie cosmetics, prop masters will talk yard haunts, and dozens of vendors will set up their dreary and boo-filled booths.

    Kind of brings a welcome chill, actually, during what's typically SoCal's toastiest stretch of the year.

    And that chill is settling into these days of May. Why? There's a pre-sale afoot, meaning you can score your ScareLA ticket for 30% off with the code PRESCARE. That's on through May 19.

    Yep, the haunted happening is still three months off, but anyone who's a little obsessed with October 31 knows that the date tends to arrive before we're fully prepared.

    And don't you need to spend time digging in the storage room, not for pool toys but all of the spine-tingling lawn ornaments you'll display during your Halloween yard haunt this year? We're only a half year out from the big night, and a few months away from ScareLA.