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Halloween on the Wind: Theme Park Auditions Open

Halloween Horror Nights is looking for stilt walkers; Knott's welcomes Elvira.



    Halloween on the Wind: Theme Park Auditions Open
    Universal Studios Hollywood
    Think you have the chops -- and the groans and the moans and the scowls -- to work at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights? Auditions open on Saturday, July 13.

    Other places everywhere often sigh when a local store's shelves are suddenly stocked with candy corns and witches' hats weeks ahead of October. "Why does Halloween have to start so early?" is the frequent question when the orange-and-black decorations go up in early September.

    Other places everywhere? You're cute. So, so cute.

    Because here in Los Angeles we start Halloween in July, and we like it that way. Well, we have to, right? Because Southern California is one of the leaders in the mega theme park maze industry, a spooky sector that brings an impressive amount of cash and tourism to the area each fall.

    Which means this: Just as people are stowing those Fourth of July banners, the fright wigs and make-up are coming out for auditions and autumn-forward announcements.

    First up? Knott's Berry Farm -- er, Knott's Scary Farm, rather -- kicks off its Halloween Haunt 2013 revelations on Wednesday, July 10 at a big, ghoulish gathering at the Buena Park destination. It's not open to all -- you have to be a season passholder to gain entry -- but bet word'll trickle out soon after as to what is in store for the September-October scare-a-thon.

    Oh yeah, and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark will be in the house for the announcements. Pure eerie awesomeness.

    And up in Universal City? The auditions for Halloween Horror Nights kick off on Saturday, July 13. The scare-actors -- not characters, mind you, but scare-actors -- and stiltwalkers will get their tryouts first, but actors and dancers are needed for a stage show, too. Check out the audition schedule for the when and where you'll get gruesome (and get hired, we hope).

    If trying out for Universal doesn't appeal, and you're not a Knott's passholder, sit tight, fright fan: ScareLA is just weeks away. It's LA's first Halloween convention and it will alight downtown, as gracefully as a bat on a tree branch, on Saturday, Aug. 10 and Sunday, Aug. 11.

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