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Hello, Summer: Historic Hollywood + Hobnobbing + Wine

Tickets always go for LA Wine Fest. Don't be all boo-hoo, wine lover.



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    LA Wine Fest
    LA Wine Fest takes over Raleigh Studios, and the hearts and palates of wine lovers, on Saturday, June 8 and Sunday, June 9.

    When does summer start for you?

    We call the start of summertime on the day we see those pool noodles for sale in the seasonal aisle at our local drugstore. So, March? Early April? Then.

    But summer for most people starts around early June. It goes back to the end of the school year, and the kick-off of the First Official Month of Downtime (tm).

    We're happy LAWineFest is aware of this. And while attendees are, for the most part, well beyond school age, save some collegiate types, they are looking to get the relaxing season going in a relaxing fashion.

    So this is how that will go down: On Saturday, June 8 and Sunday, June 9 dozens of winemakers and purveyors of sparkling adult beverages will take over Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. (Know Raleigh? Love Raleigh? Of course. It's one of Tinseltown's historic gems.)

    People will sip wine from 13 countries, try bites from accoladed chefs, visit the Stella Artois Beer Garden, and swing by the food trucks (Lobsta Truck and The Surfer Taco shall be among them).

    But here's the thing: Because this all goes down at the nostalgic start of our summer, and because it is a good deal for all of the gourmet grubbing and quaffing one does, tickets go, like those pool noodles on the first hot day of the season.

    Want to get yours so you're not summertime sad? Here's how. A ticket is $85. And, before you choose your day, you'll want to look at both days of the schedule, since some different things are happening.

    We know, we know, summer shouldn't be for schedules, but when it comes to planning tasty stuff, we'll make an exception.

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