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Hollywood Bowl's "5-or-More" Deal Opens

Planning on catching a lot of shows this summer? This is your thing.



    Hollywood Bowl's "5-or-More" Deal Opens
    Sam Jones
    She & Him will perform during the 2013 Hollywood Bowl season. The Bowl's 5-or-More deal opened on Tuesday, March 19.

    Signs, as in signs that something is coming, tend to come in one flavor. There might be a sign of the holidays or a sign that graduation is near or a sign that you need to exercise more (that's when you sweat after a short sprint) or a sign that you need to change the oil in your car (smoke from the hood).

    But the Hollywood Bowl's *secret-yet-famous-among-a-few "5-or-More Deal" delivers signs on two different fronts.

    The first one? It's a sign of summertime when passes for the deal go on sale, as they did on Tuesday, March 19. Southern California's hotter weather and a certain landmark off the Cahuenga Pass are so synonymous it's practically not legal to mention one without the other.

    The 5-or-More, though, is also a sign of downright neighborliness on the part of the Bowl. Much meowing goes down about the price of live entertainment here in the SoCal, but this is a generous, meowing-proof plan.

    The upshot: You get to buy tickets to your five top shows and then -- and then! -- your sixth ticket is a freebie. No meowing over that one, only happy exclamation points.

    Also? You'll be able to select your seats and such weeks ahead of when the individual tickets go on sale. (That's happening on May 4.)

    So, what will you see? She & Him, Queen Latifah, Pink Martini, Dianne Reeves, and something classical? That sounds like the ideal quintet to us.

    * This Hollywood Bowl deal not really a secret and the people who know about it KNOW about it. But every year it feels like one of those deals where a few surprised fans are like "that's a thing?" We love it when that happens, and hope you are that fan this year.

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