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Huntington New: The Clear and Transcendent Pavilion

The Huntington's Chinese Garden gets a few ethereal additions.



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    The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
    A few new additions to the Chinese Garden at The Huntington, like the Clear and Transcendent Pavilion, opened on March 8. (Photo: The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens)

    Timing may be nearly everything in life, but it's the be-all end-all in nature.

    Or make that the begin-all, rather. When a seed becomes a shoot and a shoot grows into a stem is wrapped up in the cycles of life and the seasons, a place where time, and timing, has the upper hand.

    The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens rather knows nature, being home to a flower or two (or million). Thus pretty much whatever the historic and state San Marino landmark undertakes has a healthy sense of "right now is the right time."

    Take the introduction of a few new additions to The Huntington's still fairly new but already famous Chinese Garden. The first phase of the garden made its debut in 2008, but there was more to come then, and now. And fans got the more on March 8: The Clear and Transcendent Pavilion, the Lingering Clouds Peak, and the Waveless Boat Pavilion were all unveiled.

    The timing, of course, is spot-on, given that we're just two weeks out from spring, when the expansive Huntington fills with bloom and color.

    The three additions are festooned with meaning, design details, and a sense of mindful contemplation. The pavilion is "ornamented with carved panels of blond gingko wood depicting Chinese instruments" and "auspicious symbols" (like mushrooms). 

    The Waveless Boat Pavilion contains calligraphic panels, while the Lingering Clouds Peak is a waterfall-adorned rock grotto.

    When life gets too, well, life-y, one rather longs to sit next to a waterfall-adorned rock grotto, yes? Now you know where to find one, nearby, and a gorgeous one at that. (Though waterfall-adorned rock grottoes are likely gorgeous as a matter of course, we imagine.)

    See all of this new beauty, and the picturesque Chinese Garden, with your Huntington admission. The Huntington's front area is still undergoing its transformation, too, and we can only imagine the timing of that unveiling will be as en pointe as a tiny bud opening its petals on the perfect spring day.

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