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Ice Cream Tour: Behind the Scenes at Sweet Rose

How does the elegant ice-creamery make the good stuff? Find out, in Santa Monica.



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    Sweet Rose Creamery celebrates its fifth birthday by opening its Santa Monica kitchen to tours. You'll need to reserve a spot in advance (and they happen once a month). Bonus: A free treat is included.

    Ask any kid what they'd like to be when they grow up and the answers might include astronaut or firefighter or movie star or President of the United States or some charming combination of the four careers.

    Add "ice cream maker" to the roster and you have many a child's dream adulthood. Heck, you have an adult's dream adulthood, too, as people who happen to be 37 or 52 might just say they'd like to make ice cream all day long when they, too, eventually grow up.

    "One day" starts on April 11, SoCal-based dessert-devoted daydreamers. That's when Sweet Rose Creamery, the small-batch boutique ice cream company with outposts in Brentwood, Mid-City, and Santa Monica, opens up its Santa Monica kitchen to ice cream-loving lookie-loos.

    The free tour is part of the ice-creamery's fifth anniversary, which it will celebrate in May, and there are more tours to come at the Santa Monica Sweet Rose Creamery, every month, on the second Saturday. Time: 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

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    You'll see how Sweet Rose "makes their signature ice creams and sweets," perhaps with a look at the shop's staple almond milk, a creamy delectable created by Sweet Rose co-owner and executive chef Shiho Yoshikawa. The flavors that emerge from the company kitchens are as bespoke as all get-out: Basil and Olive Oil and Lavender Honey and such.

    Prepare to see how "ice creams are made, start to finish." You won't merely be staring at the final product but watching it all come together.

    Nope, you don't have to want to make ice cream for a living, or even a hobby, to sign up for a tour. You can be but a fan, which, truly, encompasses most people. (Ever met someone who doesn't like ice cream? Yeah, it is eclipse-rare, and then it comes with caveats, like they like sundaes and such.)

    Drop a line to to make your reservation. You'll want to secure your spot in advance and everyone ages 5 and up may join.

    And, if you're wondering (hoping) if a complimentary treat is served to tour participants, wonder (hope) no longer: You'll have something frozen and fabulous and free in your hand at some point during the tour. 

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