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Join a Chilly Ocean Dip on New Year's Day

The annual fundraiser draws the bold, and the cold, to Huntington Beach.



    Join a Chilly Ocean Dip on New Year's Day
    Surf City Splash
    The annual fundraiser draws the bold, and the cold, to Huntington Beach Pier.

    We don't know you, and we'd never make any assumptions about your private ablutions, but the chances of you, and everybody, changing clothes at some point during the day on Jan. 1 is probably likely, as most people tend to don their pajamas or slip into daytime duds during a 24-hour cycle.

    The happy horde of people making for Huntington Beach on New Year's Day, however, will apparently stop the whole clothes changing routine mid-cycle and stay in their skivvies or swimsuits or bathing costumes or whatever constitutes "not wearing too much at all." 

    And then? They'll dash into the Pacific Ocean, full of giggles and/or shouts and/or thoughts of "why am I doing this again?"

    They're doing it because running into the chilly waves at high noon on Jan. 1 helps stir up funds, and love, for that stalwart of local surfery, the Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum.

    And they're participating in the annual Surf City Splash because it is a lark, a laugh, and it makes for some shivery and outlandish storytelling later in the day, the month, and probably years from now.

    Please. You're not going to recount that one New Year's Day you jogged into the ocean wearing only a bikini? You'll tell that tale forever, whether the date on the wall calendar happens to be Jan. 1 or not.

    If you simply feel like watching the goosebump-inducing hubbub, that's cool, or you can lend some donation-type goodness to the museum from afar. There's a pancake breakfast, too, as is tradition, and if you throw down twenty bucks you'll eat and receive a "certificate of participation -- or sanity!"

    Your choice.

    Donning a lively costume for the 16th outing of this fundraiser is also part of the merry madness. There are several competitive categories, too, including oldest and youngest participants, and who traveled the longest distance to reach the shore.

    Skivvies or not, running into the Pacific on Friday, Jan. 1 is going to be a mite chilly in 2016, as the weather isn't doing its faux summer thing as it can, sometimes, around the start of the year. Better have a blanket-holding bud at the ready.

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