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Journey to Tacolandia (via Hollywood)

A tortilla-wrapped, meat- or fish-laden delicacy is the star of the LA Weekly fest.



    Journey to Tacolandia (via Hollywood)
    Tacolandia, the LA Weekly's first taco festival, lines up the shells and tortillas at the Hollywood Palladium on Sunday, June 23.

    Every food, ingredient, and dish probably has at least one person on this planet that will claim it is his or her very favorite thing to eat ever.

    But what raises a food to epic greatness? The zenith of all edible things? How does a food like, say, the taco, become the agreed-upon favorite food of so many?

    There are several factors at play -- history and family recipes, toppings and sauces, and a host of emotions -- but consider that it is a snap to eat. You can try a few in one sitting (or standing), and it shows up in both savory foods and desserts.

    That most versatile of favorite foods will be much on display at the Hollywood Palladium on Sunday, June 23. It's Tacolandia, the LA Weekly's first foray into the lime-spritzed, cheese-laden world of delicious taco festival hosting.

    What a good world to make a foray into, right? 

    Several local eateries'll be in the house, including Cacao Mexicatessen, Guerilla Tacos, Mexikosher, and Mo-Chica.

    Bill Esparza, the honcho behind the yummy Street Food LA, will leave his blog and be saying hello to taco lovers in person. He's the congenial master of ceremonies, so shake his hand (when your own hand is periodically free of tacos).

    The only thing? We wouldn't be surprised if this become thoroughly sold out ahead of June 23. A $20 ticket gets you tastes from 30 restaurants; the VIP is $40 and sends you to the open bar as well.

    So, is the taco your favorite food? In the top five, at least? What? Tacos occupy every slot of your top five favorite food list? That is the way it probably should be.

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