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LA: Very Facial Hair Friendly, Say Surveys

Do 'staches reign around Southern California? Two different outfits deem this to be so.



    LA: Very Facial Hair Friendly, Say Surveys
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    LA ranks high up on two lists naming America's most facial hair friendly cities.

    If you were to look, in an informal and fun sense, at what pieces of apparel, fashion styles, or haircuts are most popular where, you could probably make some excellent guesses based on the good ol' weather.

    Portland? It has a thriving kneesock economy. Chicago? Everybody but everybody can knot a wool scarf eight different ways. Bathing suits? Hello, Miami.

    What would you say of facial hair, though? If you were to let meteorological facts be your guide, you might put a generally warmer city like Los Angeles, or San Diego, further down on the beard-laden list (or higher on the list of "clean-shaven cities").

    Au contraire. Make that a big au contraire, people who do not connect SoCal and whiskery upper lips: It turns out, according to both Wahl Home Products and, that Southern California ranks high on the list for lushly grown-out, hair-rich faces.

    The city lists are lately gaining attention thanks to Movember, the grow-a-mustache push that happens all November long in support of men's health programs and research.

    Wahl, which makes clippers, trimmers, and more, cited Boston as the top facial hair friendly burg, with LA in the still-impressive number two slot. gave LA the third spot on its list due to its many robust Movember-related events.

    So, what's the reason for all of this facial hair in what is, unarguably, one of the country's toastier climes? Some might say it is our higher level of hipsterdom here, and the penchant of the trendy to make what was old new again. 

    Some might say it is our slew of actors all preparing for roles that push us to the near-top of friendly facial hair cities. After all, many a mustache has been grown to play a part in a movie. (Nope, and not just parts involving lumberjacks, bartenders, or '70s-era anchormen, either.)

    Or you could say LA is at the cutting edge -- or clipping edge? -- of every great fashion, be it one that makes our facial region a little warmer than it should be in our warmer clime.

    Why is facial hair a thing here in LA and kneesocks aren't? Discuss away, observers of style and trends, and then figure out how we can bring back the mutton chop for good. 

    Because mutton chops are major. Maybe Mutton Chop March could be a thing?

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