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"MAINopoly" on Main Street Santa Monica

The game-themed fundraiser features food, good times, and monocles.



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    The game-themed fundraiser features food, good times, and monocles. Don your tiny top hat on Sunday, May 24 and help Summer SOULstice and Heal the Bay.

    It's a time-honored tradition to quibble with siblings and/or friends over which player gets which token at the start of a rousing game of Monopoly.

    C'mon: Everyone wanted the dog, or the top hat, or the wheelbarrow, with a few fans coming in strong for the thimble or boot. It's a tribute to a long -- longlonglong -- running board game, that players get so passionate before the fake money and plastic hotels even begin trading hands.

    But no thimble-based quibbling is required for you to take part in MAINopoly, the Sunday, May 24 fundraiser along Main Street in Santa Monica.

    True, true, there is a Monopoly theme afoot, from the top hats and monocles you'll see on some of the participants. Burnishing your skills at acquiring the Reading Railroad or North Carolina Avenue, however, is not required. What is needed is a fun spirit, the desire to help out Heal the Bay and Summer SOULstice, and a want to nibble and quaff along Main Street.

    And the nibbling and quaffing shall be fine: MAINopoly dollars will be handed out to everyone taking part, and that money will be exchanged for tasty specials like Areal Restaurant's tuna tartare, Pressed Juicery sips, and fresh fish ceviche from Enterprise Fish Co., to name but a few. Drink specials shall dot the thoroughfare as well.

    Cost? It's thirty bucks to join the board-themed bash. And, yes, if you have a top hat or mustache you want to wear, by all means, slip into your old-school finery.

    There is, if you're wondering, a "Go to Jail" lounge and other touches seen in everyone's favorite rainy day, pass-the-time pursuit. No word on whether a Community Chest'll be in the vicinity, but that might be a cute costume to don (if slightly unwieldy when walking around corners).

    There shall be no flipping the board, of course, when you get frustrated or feel as though your opponent is winning. Everyone wins at MAINopoly, especially those organizations the fundraiser supports. 

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