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Meow: LA Feline Film Festival

Cats, both real and video, will meow it up near the Cat-oseum. We mean the Coliseum, rather.



    Meow: LA Feline Film Festival
    The LA Feline Film Festival rubs its furry head alongside Exposition Park on Sunday, Sept. 21.

    Places you can go with your dog around Southern California? Whole guidebooks address this topic, and restaurants trumpet their pup-ready patios.

    But cats? They're not really invited anywhere, right? And, in their defense, they've likely got better things to do than watch us type our screenplay at a coffee shop (though they would dearly love to walk across the keyboard at an inopportune moment).

    Your cat is very much welcome, however, at one of the whiskeriest wingdings on the annual calendar 'round these parts: The LA Feline Film Festival. It's a nine-hour party -- perhaps to pay homage to kitties' nine lives -- that'll land, softly, on all four feet, at Exposition Park's Christmas Tree Lane on Sunday, Sept. 21.

    "Real cats, cat videos, and even some famous cats!" are set to join. Does "famous cats" mean Lil Bub, one of the internet's feline favorites, will be there? You better -- Bubber? -- believe it. Other cat celebs and cat-loving humans'll be in attendance, too.

    Plus a load of exhibitors, many selling meow-worthy wares and products and services. And food trucks? Of course. We're pretty sure LA doesn't yet have a full-on cat nip truck, but that can't be too long down the road. Some entrepreneur is plotting.

    As with all large-scale animal happenings, there are to-knows (like your kit should be in a carrier or on a leash). Cat rescues and shelters will get some of the fund love from the day, so yay that. And, beyond the videos, will more catly adoration abound? Adoptions, talks, arts, music, and other happenings are all fully feline-focused. Tickets? They start at fifteen bucks, but you can leap upwards, like a cat onto a kitchen counter, to the Crazy Cat Pack.

    Should we all be taking our cats out more? Well, maybe just for these special events where they're the centers of attention (which is good and right in the Catverse, which is like the universe, but with more treats).

    The LA Feline Film Festival is presented by Walker Art Center and Organikat.

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