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New: Hop a Shuttle, View the Hollywood Sign

A new service gets lookie-loos to an observation area.



    New: Hop a Shuttle, View the Hollywood Sign
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    Want to see the Hollywood Sign and Griffith Observatory? A new shuttle service'll run through the end of July. (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

    You may know how to get to Carnegie Hall -- practice, practice, practice -- and even how to get to Hollywood (take Fountain).

    But do you know how to get to the Hollywood Sign? Or at least a vantage point which will give you a full and fabulous view of the most famous nine letters to ever be stuck into a hillside?

    LA's Parks and Recreations Department want to help you out with that, along with Councilmember Tom LaBonge. Oh, and Griffith Observatory, too, which is part of this whole starry scheme (starry in two ways, of course). A new shuttle service debuted near the beginning of May, a service that is whisking landmark lovers to an excellent spot to view both the sign and the observatory.

    That's what we meant when we said "starry in two ways": Tinseltown history and heavenly bodies of the cosmos. You totally got that, right? We're not the first person to make the connection between the two hillside neighbors and how they're both in the star business, but different?


    So if you've been to the observatory, you know the Hollywood Sign vantage point. Nope, you won't be on top of the sign, or even under it, but you'll have a nice, clear view from a reasonable distance ("clear" comes with an asterisk, of course; fingers crossed the day lacks haze).

    Yep, one of the aims is to alleviate "the high volume of vehicle traffic in both the Hollywood Hills and the Beachwood Canyon residential areas." No doubt; those neighborhoods bustle with lookie loos searching out a great camera-pointy angle.

    But it isn't forever. Billed as "promotional," the shuttles leave from the Greek Theatre parking lot on Saturdays and Sundays through the end of July. Cost? Seven bucks. Kids under two are free if they "ride on the lap of an adult."

    And those tickets? LA Parks has 'em.

    For sure, out-of-towners'll be all over this one, but we just bet some locals, especially of the Los Feliz sort, will try it out. There's another old chestnut that says if you live with a landmark in your backyard, you'll rarely enjoy it, because you know it is right there and accessible at any time.

    True? Not? Maybe we'll just stick that one in the "getting to Carnegie Hall" file of Catchy Truisms That Have Played Out.

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