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Nightgowns and Nightcaps: Queen Mary PJ Party

Vintage-loving revelers'll don their robes and play on the big ship.



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    Art Deco Weekend
    Play at old-fashioned horse races while rocking your pajamas? It's happening during the Art Deco Weekend on the Queen Mary. The party is on Friday, Aug. 30, while all the vintage high jinks roll from Aug. 30 through Monday, Sept. 2.

    Many a magazine cover story has been written about our unwillingness to grow up, from movies that celebrate slow maturity to clothing that veers younger (way younger).

    But there are some rites of youth that mesh well with adulthood. Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches never lose their allure, nor does running through a sprinkler. And a pajama party? That's a gas at any age, though only kids ever get a chance to rock their onesies in public.

    One annual happening that blatantly disregards this bit of common wisdom -- and wisely so -- is the Art Deco Weekend on the Queen Mary. The Labor Day Weekend tradition, which brims with tours and talks and people in vintage wear, has a lot of rather dashing aspects to it, but one of the most popular, and definitely the most photographed, is the Friday night pajama party.

    It's on this Friday, Aug. 30.

    Now, revelers are not in their oldest flannels at this thing, the sweats with all of the cocoa stains. They are sporting their chicest satins, their feathery mules, their stripiest button-ups and matching pants. It's like a nighttime party out of "The Thin Man" or any of the 1930s-flavored screwball comedies of yore.

    There shall be cocktails, there shall be the warmest of socializing, and there shall be tabletop-type horse racing. Yeah, this is totally an early film screwball comedy in the making.

    And all aboard the Queen Mary, a ship that likely saw a lot of pajama-based hobnobbing in its regal day. Can you imagine all of the midnight soirees out in the middle of the Atlantic, with pajama'd guests tiptoeing to various bars and ballrooms?

    Yeah. Pajama parties are clearly made for the grown-ups, too.

    Get your tickets here to the PJ confab and all of the Art Deco Weekend doings.

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