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Offbeat Fashion Show: Dress Like the Original Farmers Market

Designers adorn models in togs inspired by the clocktowered landmark.



    Offbeat Fashion Show: Dress Like the Original Farmers Market
    Original Farmers Market
    Who will dress as a fruit stand? The Original Farmers Market at Third & Fairfax hosts a fashion show on Friday, Sept. 12. The theme? Clothes inspired by the public market. Someone, please go as a crepe.

    If you were called up on to dress in the style of a famous Southern California destination, say, a Universal Studios or the beach, would you first think to grab a pair of shorts or a bikini?

    Good thinking. But what if you were asked to dress in homage to the place itself? How would such an outfit look if, say, it had to represent Universal's Tram Tour or Santa Monica Pier?

    The Original Farmers Market at Third & Fairfax is stepping up to this sartorial challenge with its typical homespun flair and apple-sweet aplomb. Fashion Week is strutting up the runway at a clip 'round LA, and the Grove-close landmark will celebrate with a Farmers Market-themed fashion show on Friday evening, Sept. 12.

    Nope, the models won't be dressed in the casual wear oft seen among the market's historic stalls. Rather, local designers will cast an eye on the clocktowered structure for clothing inspiration.

    Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

    So, for sure, you might see a skirt that summons the pastry-sweet hues of Bob's Donuts or the coleslaw at Bryan's Pit Barbecue or perhaps a pair of slacks covered in walnut shells (we imagine they'd pay tribute to Magee's House of Nuts).

    "Inventive, creative Farmers Market"-cool outfits are the order of the day, and the designers? They all hail from SoCal. Viewers of the show can vote and the winning designer? They'll pocket a hundred-buck gift certificate to the market.

    As with all Farmers Market to-dos, this one is free, so be by the trolley tracks at 6 p.m. on Sept. 12. But the models, in full glorious fashion, will strut about the market starting a couple of hours early, so arrive for a coffee and see if you can guess what their dress or suit is echoing.

    And, please. Someone is going as the famous Farmers Market clocktower, right? Complete with a weather vane atop their head? Maybe even a cassette playing chimes? We can't wait to see the agog-making togs that come out of this one.

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