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Open All Summer: LA River Recreational Zone

The city council gives the river the nod for summertime kayaks and play.



    Open All Summer: LA River Recreational Zone
    LA River Recreation Zone
    A stretch of the LA River will again open to recreational use starting this summer, per a city council vote.

    One could say that the idea of enjoying the LA River in a recreational way has been dipping a proverbial toe in the proverbial river over the last year, to take the temperature of things.

    However one puts it, though, the pilot program which opened the river to kayaking and fishing in the summer of 2013 will make a repeat performance in the summer of 2014. But the difference this time around? It's no mere toe-dip in the water, to try things out; it's "for good!" says Curbed LA.

    We do like exclamation points around LA River news, given that our urban waterway was long devoid of happy headlines and positive blurbage over the last few decades.

    But supporters, like Friends of the Los Angeles River, kept the hope that the days of employing excited punctuation to describe our much-discussed tributary would return. Care taken with the nature along the riverbanks, kayak days, and river bike rides lent some attention and love.

    The vote on the Los Angeles River Recreational Zone Program (Non-Pilot) happened on Tuesday, Feb. 25, nearly three months to the day ahead of the proposed opening: Memorial Day.

    In fact, the river's come-play dates'll be a snatch for kayakers and other shore seekers to remember: Memorial Day to Labor Day, the traditional summer season.

    Need to know where to go? The Glendale Narrows is the short answer. The still pretty short answer that's a bit more detailed? Fletcher Avenue's the top border, Confluence Park is the southern, and walking and biking trails line the whole shebang. Want to know your "put in/take out" points for your kayak? Here they are.

    Should you need a refresher on how it looks to be out enjoying sunshine and LA River kayaking, check out the ultra-chillaxed photos snapped last go-around.

    Do we need another exclamation point, before paddling off? Probably, right? Given the river's up and down and down and down but now up and up and up and up history. LA River Recreational Zone, open for summertime visitors!

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