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Pasadena, Fine Eats, and a Block-Long Dining Table

A table as long as a block? Yep, you'll see it in the Playhouse District in August.



    Pasadena, Fine Eats, and a Block-Long Dining Table
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    Pasadena is known for putting large things in the middle of its streets (hello, Rose Parade floats). In that happy tradition, a block-long table will arrive on Green Street on Saturday, Aug. 24. The mondo dining event is called "The Long Table."

    Pasadena, it can be said, is rather fond of putting interesting and/or large things in places that they don't normally exist.

    Example A: The giant, flower-laden, fog-puffing floats of the Rose Parade. Do we typically see daisy-covered dragons in the middle of Colorado Boulevard, like, on a daily basis? No. We do not. Do you?

    Example B: The Mars Rovers. JPL has a knack for placing helpful machines on distant planets, the better to know our universe better. We're pretty sure "a knack" doesn't fully explain what goes into sending Rovers into space, but we'll leave it at that. Cool, JPL?

    Example C: The Long Table. A really, really long table -- hence the name -- will show up in the middle of busy Green Street on Saturday, Aug. 24. How long is The Long Table? Probably longer than your table, or anyone's table, even those fake movie tables you see in films about ostentatiously wealthy people.

    It's a block long, in fact.

    The Playhouse District dining event will feature the foods of a number of local eateries -- El Portal, Tender Greens, and Settebello are three restaurants on the list -- plus a wine tasting, beer, and a great setting. Seriously, how often do you get to eat at fancy-pants table in the middle of pretty Green Street? Strike that. How often do you get to eat at a fancy-pants table in the middle of any street?

    And, yep, from the Goes Without Saying Department: That portion of Green will be closed to traffic. (That's another thing SoCal is doing more of lately, right? Sending cars on their way so humans can take over street sections? What with CicLAvia and such? No more questions, we've made our point.)

    Tickets are $75.

    Two last things: The Long Table will seat 300 people, which will surely make any dinner party you've ever thrown seem perfectly petite by comparison. Also? Hometown Pasadena, kudos on this tip. You have the line on every good literary thing in the Crown City, and this tasty 'n offbeat to-do, too.

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