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Peek Inside: Designer Show House at Greystone

Sumptuous, well-appointed rooms open to the public, for a few days only.



    Peek Inside: Designer Show House at Greystone
    Greystone Mansion
    The fabled Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills opens to the public for Maison de Luxe, a Designer Show House.

    It isn't too often, in this world or any other, that we get a chance to enter a fable-filled historic estate, one that happens to be both a Beverly Hills landmark and a snug little cottage at just 46,000 cozy square feet.

    Not every house has a name, either, and few names are as recognizable as Greystone Mansion & Gardens, the posh pile built by oil titan Edward Doheny back in 1928. It's a well-known building to many who've never seen it in person, thanks to its appearance in oodles of film and television programs, from "The Prestige" to "The Social Network" to "Gilmore Girls." 

    And, on occasion, what could be billed as SoCal's most Downton-Abbey-ish destination opens its grand doors to the public, for the price of a ticket. Such an occasion is here, and it is as feathery and fine as the structure itself: It's the Maison de Luxe Designer Show House, a three-weekend affair that features a caboodle of eye-pleasing rooms overseen by over two dozen top-shelf interior designers.

    Those domestic artists include Oliver Furth, Cliff Fong, Sara Story, and several other room-fashioners you may know from magazines, TV, or because your own pad received their personal polish-up. Luxe Interiors + Design is behind "the creating and curating" of the mansion's many rooms, nooks, and throughways.

    The November decor-and-more event shall plump the pillows over a select number of days throughout the months, and a ticket to admire that pillow-plumpery and lamp-loveliness and drapery-perfection is thirty nine dollars.

    Dates? Think the first three weekends of the month, with some extra weekdays clustered close: Nov. 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and the 18th through the 22nd. Plan to start your traipse through the manor at the top of hour, from 10 o'clock in the morning to mid-afternoon (3 p.m.).

    And traipse you shall, for would you do anything less than swan about The Greystone? A chance to have a look-around this legend doesn't come along often, so swan you shall (though taffeta and pearls aren't required attire, though if that's your scene, go for it).

    Tours are self-guided, so if a room appeals to you, you're free to linger and admire for a few moments more.

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