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Petal Profusion: Descanso Cherry Blossom Fest

Branches are looking beautiful as spring knocks on the front door.



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    Descanso Gardens
    They bloom but for a moment: Cherry blossoms get their day at Descanso Gardens on Saturday, March 21, and Sunday, March 22.

    There are many sweet discoveries associated with being a kid, like the fact that hamburgers don't contain ham, pigs don't speak Pig Latin and cherry blossoms are not the color of cherries.

    But to compare the flower at the heart of this last example in a negative way to the redness of a ripe cherry does a disservice to the delicate nature of the cherry blossom, which is now in showy bloom atop trees around Southern California (trees, of course, able to produce cherry blossoms; don't look for them on palms or jacarandas, it goes without saying).

    Descanso Gardens is home to many a blossom-bedecked tree. And like its wintertime camellias, flowers that made a stunning stand a few weeks back, and its tulips (which are now wrapping up their picture-worthy run), Descanso is a March-time destination for those who adore the pinky-white-yellowness of the cherry blossom.

    Those blossoms shall be honored on Saturday, March 21, and Sunday, March 22, at the La Cañada Flintridge 160-acre spread. 

    Shall cherry trees be sold? Yes.

    Shall there be origami sessions? Artists practicing the ancient folding technique have often looked to cherry blossoms for inspiration.

    Will there be cherry blossom walks and talks? For sure. How long has it been since your last contemplative, learn-about-nature stroll?

    Admission to Descanso gets you into the Cherry Blossom Festival, which will also include live music and specially prepared food for sale. 

    After your gazing-up, go-deep-within wanderings through the sunny spread, and your springtime appreciation of one of the season's sweetest symbols, will you finally be able to describe the cherry blossom's hue? Is it white, cream, pink, rosy? With, of course, a touch of yellow, courtesy of it stamens?

    It was just fine, to find out, when we were kids, that cherry blossoms are not the color of cherries. Red works well for the fruit, while a bewitching combination of several shades is what makes the cherry blossom so very alluring.

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