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Pizza Ice Cream: New Coolhaus Flavor

Like a hint of oregano with your creamy treat?



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    Coolhaus introduced pizza-flavored ice cream on Tuesday, Sept. 8.

    The pizza parties of our youth, whether they were planned in honor of a birthday, a winning baseball game, or a great day at the ice rink, had a few standard sights. A) Pizza (no spoiler alert required). B) Some sort of pitcher or two-litter bottle of soda. And C) a half-melted tub of bubblegum ice cream, or some other kid-pleasin' flavor.

    Two of those staples have been creatively combined in the latest flavor from art-forward ice creamery Coolhaus, and we're not looking in the direction of the two-liter bottle of pop when we say that. Yes, pizza ice cream is the latest concoction from the SoCal-based treat maker, but it isn't the first savory dinner favorite to make the ice cream cut.

    Coolhaus has explored Fried Chicken & Waffles in the past, and Pastrami and Brown Butter Candied Bacon, too. 

    Thus the new Pizza ice cream is in fine company. The ingredients found within are mighty fine, too: marscapone forms the base component while "a pinch of salt," sun-dried tomatoes, basil, and olive oil lend it that by-the-slice flavor, without the heat and without the melty cheesy strings that pull away from the pie as you bite it.

    Though if you want to try and replicate that with your scoop of Pizza, go for it. ("Scoop of pizza" is fun to say and absolutely should be uttered if you plan to haul your pals out to a Coolhaus to try it.)

    Where's a Coolhaus? In Culver City and Pasadena, plus there's the roaming Coolhaus truck. 

    Will you try a scoop of Pizza -- there, we went and said it again, just because we could -- between two cookies, as is often the Coolhaus way? It might really vibe between two salted caramel macarons.

    Pizza, though, is often best taken neat, by itself, there and done. Could the same go for pizza-flavored ice cream? Pie people of the world, this probably should be sampled at once.

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