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Rydell High Meets the Million Dollar Theatre

The historic movie palace hosts a sing-a-long.



    Your Perfect Day at the Ballgame
    A "Grease" sing-a-long at the Million Dollar Theatre? Best don those muscle shirts and pink satin jackets, LA. The night is Feb. 18, and Grand Central Market is staying open late, for the festivities.

    "'Grease' on Broadway!" is something many a poster and ad has trumpeted over the last few decades, at least whenever the snappy musicale treat returns to the Great White Way.

    But we've had few chances to say it around Los Angeles, the city where the seminal songfest shot in back in the hallowed days of the 1950s. Wait, make that 1970s, we mean. "Grease" premiered in 1978. Few movies exist as well in two distinct decades as the one fronted by Sandy and Danny.

    Now LA'll get its "'Grease' on Broadway!" moment on Tuesday, Feb. 18, when the film rolls at the Million Dollar Theatre in honor of John Travolta's 60th birthday. Nope, the star isn't schedule to show, but do we let that stop us here in Hollywood? We're a party-happy town, in terms of movie stars, and especially during the early winter months.

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    But there are two other stories here. One? This is a sing-a-long "Grease," meaning if you've never warbled inside the Million Dollar, your chance to say you've sung on Broadway has arrived.

    And two? Grand Central Market is once again staying open later, a rare thing, so moviegoers may dine at the soon-to-turn-100 public market. Nope, there's no Frosty Palace at Grand Central -- that's the name of the diner in the movie, of course -- but gourmet burgers and noodles and such'll be sold through 8 p.m.

    The movie starts at 7:30 p.m. though, so eat then skedaddle to the Million Dollar.

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    And for a movie that has a lot of friendships in it -- we're thinking of you, slumber-party-ing Pink Ladies -- it is nice to see that the burgeoning friendship of Grand Central Market and the Million Dollar Theatre continues to flower in new ways, almost a century along.

    Yep, they've been neighbors for longer than most of us have been here, but this fresh stay-open-late-on-movie-nights thing that Grand Central is doing is pretty sweet, indeed.

    Finally, our own Broadway gets its "Grease," and one we can sing-a-long to, too. Love the Great White Way, but that's not really an option. So warm up your pipes and get your "Grease" lyrics on, Danny-and-Sandy fans.

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