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Santa Monica Moan: Halloween Zombie Crawl

The undead'll groan adjacent to the Pacific, on Oct. 31.



    Santa Monica Moan: Halloween Zombie Crawl
    Santa Monica Zombie Walk
    Have some smeary undead make-up and a penchant for moaning loudly in groups of revelers? Best get to Santa Monica on Halloween night.

    Call it the comic relief in an otherwise way-creepy film: The undead are knocking about a home, determined to find any human occupants, when an undead dog emerges from another room, sending a smattering of giggles through the audience.

    Animals that have crossed over, but stayed among us to snarl on in the way that zombies do per popular films, are a rare sight. But perhaps, if you're very lucky, you might see an undead ocean dweller when the second annual Santa Monica Zombie Crawl shambles near the Pacific on Friday, Oct. 31.

    Really, why aren't there more zombie jellyfish? Zombie plankton? Zombie kelp, even?

    Well, trust there shall be plenty of human-type undead, staring with empty eyes at non-zombies as they work their way around the Third Street Promenade.

    One haunted hallmark of this large 'n' lively gathering? Participants are expected to keep up a zombie-like appearance, so if you do join up, stay in character, with your arms forward, your moans loud, and your jaw slacky. No one likes to see a bunch of undead people hooting it up, like they're having the times of their lives.

    Because, um, what lives? Exactly. You're the undead, be undead.

    Several pubs and bars are part of the crawl, including Ye Olde King's Head and Del Frisco Grille. You'll meet up at Rusty's at the Pier at 6:30 p.m. on Halloween night, and you'll pay $12 to join the shamblers as they take on Santa Monica.

    No, really: When is a zombie shark or zombie dolphin movie coming along? The ocean seems like a very interesting setting for the undead. And does a zombie surfer sit out on his board, for all eternity, moaning "waves" instead of "brrrains"? Hollywood, take it: It's yours.

    Discuss this idea, and others, as you meet new undead acquaintances on Halloween night.

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