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Sequins and Spokes: It's the Bike Prom

Dress in your best 1998 fancy wear and pedal for Highland Park.



    Your Perfect Day at the Ballgame
    Jon White
    The Bike Prom throws the kickstand down in Highland Park on Saturday, Feb. 22.

    Did you got to prom in 1998? What did you wear? One of those thin ribbon choker necklaces? Maybe a haircut inspired by the "Friends" cast? Sparkly butterfly clips and a corduroy scrunchie?

    Good times, good times. But even if you went to prom in 1978 or 2011, you can still get your 1998 on, and your love of all things cycling, at the Bike Prom. The annual shindig, which lays tracks for the American Legion Hall Post 206 in Highland Park on Saturday, Feb. 22, is all about bike cool, and about the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition's Sweet 16.

    Hence the 1998 theme. Oh! We just remembered jellies, too. Those were a thing, right, in late 1990s? Maybe don't wear those to ride your bike over, though. Safety first.

    The benefit dance, which lends support to the bike-minded coalition, will have dancing, royalty, and, yes, prom photos. Nope, there won't be a balloon arch -- well, maybe -- but the main star? The bike you pose with. If you adore your two-wheel pursuits, you need a prom photo with a bike.


    A ticket is $25.

    If you aren't a big bicyclist and you love a good prom, you're in luck. There's an '80s prom on in Hollywood, with a prom theme, on the very same night. Yep, neon and poofy skirts are the way to go. And the night's beneficiary? Noah's Bark Animal Rescue.

    Oh, LA. Two grown-up proms with two costume themes and good intentions at heart, all in one night. Where's the theme restaurant or club that's all prom all the time? We're starting to suspect that Southern California would welcome such a concept with open, tuxedo'd arms.

    Club developers, please get on that idea at once. Thank you.