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Squee: Dachshunds Dash at Wiener Nationals

The squat 'n long lovies'll make the sweet sprints in Los Alamitos.



    Squee: Dachshunds Dash at Wiener Nationals
    Wiener Dog Nationals
    On Saturday, July 18 Dachshunds take to the Los Alamitos Race Track for glory, cuddles, and the Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals title.

    What is it that the kids say on the social media nowadays, to spotlight something particularly sweet?

    "Squee" or "I can't even" or "adorbs" are all au courant ways of conveying "I'm looking at something incredibly cute," but if you can't remember to summon any of those particular words upon seeing the short-of-leg, long-of-tail participants of the upcoming Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals, you are welcome to coo or gurgle at will.

    Because the dachshunds that will run the track — not all of the track, mind you, but a good stretch — at Los Alamitos Race Course on Saturday, July 18 automatically bring out our babying instincts. We want to cuddle these lil' runners, and kiss their snouts, but we shan't.

    After all, there's an important title to go for, and anyone who has ever been acquainted with a dachshund knows that these committed canines be impressively single-minded.

    The popular, photographed-aplenty happening is marking its big 20th in 2015, and we do mean big: There was a 2013 kids' movie all about the Wiener Nationals. It's a heart-tugger, on the silver screen and IRL.

    The "in real life" part starts on July 18 at 4:30 p.m. when the "Race for the Underdog" returns to the course. That's when the doors open, with the first race barking out of the gate at 6:30. The championship? Stick around for 9:15 that night.

    It's three bucks to watch, if you're over 17, and if you're under 17, you get in free. And if you're a dog, you have to stay home, and wait for your humans to return and tell you all about it, in detail. 

    The beneficiary? It's the Seal Beach Animal Care Center. So squee-worthy, helping other beasties by cheering on beasties.

    If you can't get enough? The Wiener Dog Races at Old World in Huntington Beach are not affiliated with the Wiener Nationals, but if you have to see more squatties in full sprint, there are several chances to do so during Oktoberfest, which is just ahead.

    Doxies easily bring out the squeeing and I-can't-even-ing in all of us, regardless of how exactly we express how cute we find something. And cuddle-sized pups in full run top everyone's official adorbs list, paws down.