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'Star Wars'-Inspired Pop-Up: Ticket Pre-Sale

Scum & Villainy Cantina will soon welcome Angelenos to a Mos Eisley-style hangout in the spring of 2017.



    'Star Wars'-Inspired Pop-Up: Ticket Pre-Sale
    Scum & Villainy Cantina
    The Scum & Villainy pop-up will begin ticket pre-sales on Wednesday, Oct. 12. The Hollywood hangout is due to debut in the spring of 2017.

    It may be said, without a hint of drollness or a even knowing wink, that getting from one planet to another planet in the "Star Wars" universe can have its unusual challenges, from zig-zagging through asteroid fields to avoiding TIE fighters to menacing moons that aren't moons at all no sirree Wookiee.

    Likewise, hearing about a hangout inspired by the massive movie-and-beyond phenomenon, and getting to hang out at said hangout, also has a challenge or two, and the main challenge is this: It takes a little while for tickets to become available. 

    So "Star Wars" fans discovered when Scum & Villainy Cantina, a pop-up experience based on the Cantina Scene from "Episode IV: A New Hope," was announced in August 2016.

    But waiting, it may be accurately stated, is easier than outrunning a TIE Fighter, and far more delicious, as you get to plan what you'll wear, and what droids you'll invite, and so on. (Nothing is delicious about leaving a TIE Fighter in the dust, save the sweet taste of victory.)

    Start trying on your vests and doing up your side buns, for the people behind the Hollywood-based "intergalactic pop-up experience" have revealed that spring 2017 is the opening. And the buzzed-about ticket on-sale date, the topic that's boasted more glow than a light-saber in recent weeks?

    The pre-sale launches on Wednesday, Oct. 12 via "the NightOut ticketing site" while the traditional ticket period is "anticipated" to begin in January 2017, just a couple of months ahead of the anticipated official debut.

    The pre-sale price per ticket? It's $50, plus a NightOut service fee, which'll net you two hours inside the pop-up. (We're not sure what $50 is on Endor, or the exchange rate for Coruscant cash, but we'll let you work that out on your end.)

    Other packages, priced a bit higher, include a t-shirt or t-shirt and hat.

    Food, it should be noted, is a "separate cost," and there will be afternoon hours on Saturdays, if being out while the suns are shining is your bag.

    Whoops, darn it, we meant "sun," of course, singular; sometimes it is difficult to remember we're on Earth and not Tatooine.

    But this a nighttime thing, mostly, and walk-ins will be hello'd (first come, first served) after 11 p.m. each evening, if there is room.

    For all the bleeps/bloops and other droid-y details behind the buzzed-about pop-up, best read all, the better to secure your spot at what is sure to be this arm of the galaxy's hottest hangout, one that's bigger than a Bantha and more bustling than an Ewok on a important errand.

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