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Struts, Rescues, Surfing Dogs: A Trio of Hound Haps

Strut Your Mutt is on the lead and helping out pups in shelters and rescues.



    Your Perfect Day at the Ballgame
    Strut Your Mutt
    Strut Your Mutt, which puts paws and feet to the ground at Will Rogers State Historic Park on Saturday, Sept. 6, raises "money for your favorite local animal welfare group... or for Best Friends Animal Society, and to help Save Them All."

    Back-to-school times are in the air, but so are a bevy of barkly to-dos of the nicest, fundraise-iest order. Some you can bring your own pup to, some you just need to have the code to help out a shelter dog.

    Dog devotees, you're on track for...

    Strut Your Mutt: For sure, Best Friends is behind this much-attended day out -- the full name is Best Friends Animal Society's 5th Annual Strut Your Mutt in LA -- and, absolutely, plenty of dough is stirred up for dogs needing homes.

    The Saturday, Sept. 6 walk at Will Rogers State Park has a few interesting twists of the tail (we're picturing a twisty Pug's tail, of course): You can choose the length of your walk or run, with three shortish courses on tap. Eat|See|Hear, the outdoor cinema people, will show a flick and have themed to-dos. And shall there be live tunes and food trucks? Goodness, yes, there shall be.  

    National Dog Day: If you Uber it on Tuesday, Aug. 26, enter the code DOGVACAY into the app and bingo: five bucks'll go to START Rescue, "a non-profit dedicated to saving dogs from high-kill shelters" (START also gives dogs lifts to shelters where they can wait to be adopted). DogVacay is teaming with Uber on this one.

    And the five bucks? Yep, they'll help START transport pups between shelters.

    Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon: The cameras whirring in Del Mar during this popular happening might rival the sound of the waves crashing (okay, but not quite). It's dogs on surfboards, with their humans, and the Helen Woodward Animal Center of Rancho Santa Fe is the beneficiary. There've been surf classes for the canines all summer -- now the show, and the helping out, revs up on Sunday, Sept. 7.

    Seriously, bring your camera, and all the "ahhhs" and "ohhhs" you can muster: Waggers on waves tend to elicit the emotions.

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