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Summer Schedule Preview: Street Food Cinema

The nosh-and-watch-movies party gives us a first look at its new schedule.



    Summer Schedule Preview: Street Food Cinema
    Katy Winn
    Street Food Cinema opens its 2013 season on Saturday, May 25 with "Stand by Me." Host? Corey Feldman, who will also perform some music. Place? Exposition Park.

    One of the happiest signs that warm-weather is fast approaching is when the outdoor film festival announcements begin to roll in. They say, in effect, in a loud speaker-style voice, "people of Southern California, languorous nights spent on a lawn eating snowcone-type foods while watching awesome movies is just ahead. Hang tight."

    But the hanging tight is loosening its grip, because the announcements are coming in. Street Food Cinema, that Saturday-night-y summertime soiree has just beckoned us over and given us a peek at the 2013 schedule.

    It opens on Saturday, May 25 with "Stand by Me." None other than Corey Feldman will play host, and he'll play some music as well. The spot? Exposition Park.

    Exposition Park will serve as the setting for many of the movies, but LA State Historic Park and Poinsettia Park will jump in on some nights, too. And the films themselves? "Risky Business" -- it's the 30th anniversary this year -- and "Mean Girls" and "Skyfall" will all screen. Plus the inspired pairing of "St. Elmo's Fire" and "Reality Bites" on June 29.

    You know to expect the tunes and the heavy-duty food truck presence, but the 2013 season will add a few new features, like an MC, double-features (like the aforementioned on, hooray!), and hellos from cast and crew. Giveaways and other goodies are in the queue, too.

    The mostly complete schedule is up, but there'll be more announcements to come. Best of all, you can jump on those tickets now. How good will you feel knowing that you and your childhood bestie already have a pair of entries to "Jaws" on July 6? It already feels like summer is here, loud and clear.

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