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¡Taco Madness! at Grand Park

Shell-to-shell, tortilla-to-tortilla: Who makes the best 'round these parts?



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    You love tacos. So much. Love love love? Yeah. Be at Grand Park on Saturday, April 5.

    The question is never should you eat a taco first thing in the morning, but whether it should be a traditional egg-filled breakfast taco or the leftover carne asada jobs you enjoyed the night before.

    Because the taco is one of those rare foodstuffs that doesn't necessarily need to be breakfasted-up to be enjoyed at any hour of the day (though it is yummy when it is). The reason? Oh, it's pretty simple: Tacos exist across all time and space as the easiest food to assemble, the fastest food to eat, and the best food to savor.

    That's all. Did we miss any hyberboles or outlandish overstatements? Nope? Good.

    People into this completely correct idea -- that tacos dominate all things -- shall make for Grand Park on Saturday, April 5. The reason? ¡Taco Madness!, a daylong tortilla-wrapped to-do which shall summon the spicy talents of SoCal's top tacoistos.

    Mariscos Jalisco shall be there, of course of course, as well as Boyle Heights own Tacos Arabes de Puebla, Carnitas El Momo, Guerilla Tacos, and more.

    DJs'll be lending the bend-your-head-and-bite scene musicale accompaniment, and live art shall be live-art-ing (which means you'll be able to admire on a full stomach). Will there be a beer garden, too? That's an affirmative.

    The madness that is taco love is presented by Groupon, and, yep, LA Taco has been at the center of the savory prep, putting together a bracket-style vote on which taco is best. You can read all here, and dream.

    And skip the egg taco at 7 a.m., if you like. Why should you eat a shrimp taco at dawn? This is Southern California, where shrimp taco enjoyment at any hour is encouraged.

    But the real question is what you do with the lime wedge. Eat it? Squeeze and toss? Throw it in your iced tea? Thank goodness we all eat so many tacos 'round these parts that there's room for all ways to approach the lime.

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