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Taste of Farmers Market: Tickets On Sale

The historic public market throws a flavorful 80th birthday bash.



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    Farmers Market
    Farmers Market turns 80 in July, and celebrates with another delish round of Taste of Farmers Market. The try-tidbits-from-all-the-stalls is scheduled for Tuesday, July 15.

    "Like a kid in a candy store" is an often tossed around phrase, but there doesn't seem to be a saying for adults that equals its charm and clarity.

    Right? Like a grown-up in a gourmet restaurant? Like a big person in a trendy new tavern? We mean, really. The phrase inventors need to get on this one, pronto.

    Until then, we have a seriously worthy saying substitute that'll resonate with many an Angeleno: Like a happy eater at Taste of Farmers Market.

    It's hard to not feel like a kid in a candy store when you attend this annual birthday party/taste-all-the-things bash for the clocktower'd landmark at Third & Fairfax. That's because over 50 food and drink purveyors are handing out the yummy samples, sips, and such.

    Did we say "birthday party?" We're being cheeky: We know we did. We just want to give an extra special spotlight to the notion, as this year the foodiest hang in all of LA turns 80. Lookin' good, FM!

    The party and tasting and music and good-timing roll on Tuesday, July 15.

    Taste of Farmers Market has been cooking, literally, for a half decade now, and past years have been all about the small dishes of chilaquiles from Loteria, fried shrimp from Tusquellas, savory sliders from Huntington Meats, and pizza squares from Deano's. And that's just four places, so multiply that by a number that'll get you near 50. (So, 12 works.)

    And the price for this gourmand-y good eating? Thirty-five bucks ahead of time, 40 there, but note note note: It sells out.

    Should we write that again, with periods, for emphasis? It. Sells. Out.

    Farmers Market is pretty dang charming most hours of the day, with a simple cup of tea in front of you, but spending an evening biting into a delish bit from every food booth there?

    Yep, lots of people want in, like so many kids in front of a candy store.

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