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TEDx Meets CalArts at REDCAT

The ideas behind performance will be discussed at this day-long conference



    TEDx Meets CalArts at REDCAT
    Performance and live art are the topics at the TEDxCalArts Conference at REDCAT in downtown LA, pictured. Date: Saturday, March 9

    TEDx, those bringing-people-and-ideas-together conferences that bubble up hither and thither (and every place between the two), is all about embracing the gamut.

    Notions of every sort pop up in TEDx talks, but there's one constant -- a person sharing those notions. Meaning that there's an element of live theater and performance to every single TEDx event.

    Some might call it meta, then, that TEDx will be taking on performance and the live arts -- or "liveness," if you prefer -- during a day-long conference on Saturday, March 9 at REDCAT downtown.

    Name? TEDxCalArts (so it shouldn't surprise that the CalArts Center for New Performance is a partner.

    Of course, the performances that will be at the heart of the talks will likely leap beyond, well, TEDx-style oratory, and into the larger realm of dance and movement and such.

    A number of speakers will be sharing their thoughts, and those iconic TEDx slides, throughout the day: architect Peggy Deamer, playwright Aleshea Harris, director and choreographer Sarduno W. Kusumo are just three of the thinkers set to take the stage.

    The quest? Observe, probe, and converse on all the many prisms that make up the bigger gem of contemporary performance (and, perhaps, just what contemporary performance and liveness incorporates and celebrates).

    It's an event with heft. The hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., with reception to follow. General admission is $90.

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