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The Aero Asks: Who's LA's Biggest Movie Fan?

The Aero Theatre marks its 75th anniversary with a wingding of a trivia night.



    The Aero Asks: Who's LA's Biggest Movie Fan?
    American Cinematheque
    American Cinematheque celebrates 10 years at the Aero, and the Santa Monica theatre's 75th anniversary, in late January with a trivia night and "Fantasia" screening.

    Some cineastes might claim that Oscar season is the time when all trivia movieheads reign supreme, when film-focused factoids are spouted freely and cinematic contests pop up in taverns and multiplexes across Southern California.

    True, true, but the holidays have their share of movie trivia enjoyment, what with Christmas Day being a big box office day and family board games and movies given as presents.

    So we expect that all film buffs are fully ready to stake their bragworthy claim as LA's Biggest Movie Fan at the Aero Theatre on the final day of January.

    The reason for the film-fact-y, prize-packed night? American Cinematheque is marking its 10th anniversary at the Santa Monica landmark, and it wants to do so by finding our movie-mad town's movie-maddest maven.

    "Know your Glenn Fords from your Harrison Fords?" asks the film-promoting collective. "Your Kubricks from your Kurosawas?"

    Yeah. You got this.

    But the 10th anniversary party isn't the only anniversary on the Aero's docket: The Montana Avenue gem turns 75 this year, and that occasion will be occasioned the night before the trivia showdown, on Jan. 30, when "Fantasia" screens, complete with former Disney animator David Pacheco in the house talking Mouse.

    Can you even wait to see all of those brooms dancing it up on the big screen? No, you cannot wait, but you are quite possibly LA's Biggest Movie Fan.

    For all of the anniversary weekend doings, march like a come-to-life broom over to the American Cinematheque site.

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