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The Oscars with Frosting on Top

Local bakeries are going all out on the awards-show front.



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    Georgetown Cupcake
    Show at your party with a dozen statuette-bedecked cupcakes and wow the host. They're at Georgetown Cupcake on Robertson.

    The saying "trends come and go" absolutely does not apply to the trend of pairing food and drink thematically to an awards show and all the nominees.

    That's a fashion that arrived long ago and its staying power seems to increase with each passing season. Why? Perhaps it helps viewers play a part, or get a little competitive with friends, but we think the reason thematic snacks are here to stay is, because, well, eating. And drinking. Reason enough.

    But sometimes one, especially in these strive-to-impress Hollywood parts, would like to skip a year of pairing a dip or cheese platter with a Best Picture nominee. One wants to be a bit splashier, a bit more golden, and, most of all, one does not want to cook or do the prep work.

    Meet the awards-season cupcake.

    Our cupcakeries have once again come through in a holiday pinch. If you need a dozen for Sunday, Feb. 24, we recommend calling ahead to make sure you can reserve or at least insure that they'll be baking straight through the Oscars. No theming required, because the theme -- the Academy Awards -- is already on top of the tiny cake.

    Georgetown Cupcake: The statuette receives the place of honor atop this Robertson bakery's special sweet. The name? The Red Carpet Red Velvet Oscar Cupcake. A quick way to impress your seen-it-all host or hostess, for sure.

    Magnolia Bakery: Red velvet is also the theme at the West Third treat shop -- which works, since science may one day show everyone approves of this flavor -- and a gold wrapper and gold dust are involved. Don't you kind of love that gold is Oscar's semi-official hue? Keep workin' it, Oscar.

    Yummy Cupcakes: This mini chain -- there are three shops in all -- is going a slightly different route: A star and a wee envelope top the Academy Award night desserts. Want to pick some up before your party? You should, especially if your bash is in Brentwood, Santa Monica or Burbank.

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