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Weekend: Celebrating Mom

Concerts, museums, together time: How will you honor her?



    Mother's Day brunch will be served at the Aquarium of the Pacific, where they're are many moms to celebrate. Also this weekend, the Eat, See, Hear Festival and Bark at the Park at Dodger Stadium. NBCLA.com managing editor Jon Lloyd has details on Today in LA, Friday May 10, 2013. (Published Friday, May 10, 2013)

    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY: How the holiday dedicated to our moms is spent is really as individual as each mom being celebrated. Brunch is the popular choice, but you might take her to Ripley's -- she gets in free -- or to a folk music concert at the Fowler Museum. The EIF Revlon Walk/Run, too, is a wonderful way to honor all moms, and to jog alongside yours, in the spirit of fundraising and helping women everywhere. The run is on Saturday, May 11, while Mom's Day is Sunday, May 12.

    WEST COAST BBQ CLASSIC: Teams of cooks sporting belts lined with tongs and brushes head for the Queen Mary for year two of this mega, all-sorts-of-styles cook-off. And we do mean all sorts of styles: Memphis and Texas will both be represented, as will Kansas City. So, if you like your ribs with a dry rub, or well sauced, you're in business. You'll pay $15 at the door, then tastings are two dollars each. Meaning? You'll be seriously snacking. Saturday, May 11

    BARK IN THE PARK: Even if you and your pup are now regulars at the Dodgers' annual Bark in the Park, it can still be pretty funny to see all of those Fidos parading around a stadium typically reserved for humans. The day, which is sponsored by Natural Balance, has a lot of dogly doings, from a parade to a rally. And do a lot of the hounds show up in Dodger Blue? You bet they do. Saturday, May 11

    OUTDOOR MOVIES: A number of watch-a-film-under-the-stars series are set to open, what with the coming of summer, but two of the biggins roll out in the days ahead. Cinespia at Hollywood Forever opens its season on Saturday, May 11 with "The Third Man"; Eat|See|Hear gets the movie love going with "Raiders of the Lost Ark" at Paul Revere Middle School. That's also on Saturday, May 11. Grab those blankets, SoCalers.

    NATIONAL TRAIN DAY: Mavens of the rails make for Union Station to eye exhibits, talk models, and tour luxury and freight cars. It's nationwide, meaning that some of the country's larger stations will also mark the toot-toot holiday. We're lucky to live near one, for sure. We're also lucky because it is free, and open to all ages. More than open; there are to-dos prepared for kids as well as adults. Saturday, May 11

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