Feds Coordinating Super Bowl Security Say No Known Threats

U.S. Secret Service assisting with preparation and coordination for Super Bowl says there are no specific threats to the event or Los Angeles.

The U.S. Secret Service says there are no known, specific threats to Los Angeles or the upcoming Super Bowl game at SoFi Stadium, and that it’s helping to coordinate a huge law enforcement effort to keep the event and its participants safe. 

Special Agent in Charge Jessie Baker said he’s comfortable that federal, state, and local agencies have anticipated -- and planned-for -- virtually any contingency.

“All the intelligence components of the federal government, everyone who has an expertise, so to speak, at intelligence collection, and knowing how to evaluate that information is involved in this,” Baker said. 

The NFL will provide more specific security information for the public next week with details on stadium access routes, parking, and road closures.

Baker said the FAA will impose a temporary flight restriction ahead of the game that will be enforced by both Customs and Border Protection helicopters and military fighter jets from the Department of Defense. 

He said security planners have also focused on potential cyber threats, especially given the digital sophistication of SoFi stadium.

“It can be a significant thing if it's not considered, but it absolutely has been considered and prepared for this case by the relevant components,” he said.

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