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LA County Fire Will be Sending Supplies to Aid Those in Ukraine

The LA County Fire Department will be sending a plane full of supplies to help aid those in Ukraine.

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The LA County Fire Department got the request for supplies on Tuesday. The plane leaves Friday so there wasn't much time to put these surplus supplies together.

"We know how dangerous it is to fight fires with full gear," Fire Chief Daryl Osby said. "We’ve never experienced fighting it in a war but whatever we can do to assist them to protect lives of their citizens, we are on board."

Osby says his department is sending five pallets of gear, including turnouts, boots, bullet proof vests, gloves and helmets.

LA County is also sending medical supplies.

"Ukrainian First responders have gone from fighting house fires to rescuing people from rubble from bombed out buildings," LA County Supervisor Janice Hahn said. "Amid the onslaught they are running out of supplies."

The request for supplies came from the first in fire foundation, but Osby was not allowed to give details as to exactly how the shipment will reach firefighters in Ukraine.

"These supplies will be going by private entity to Poland and from there the logistics will be handled to get supplies to firefighter in Ukraine," Hahn said.

Hahn dropped a note into one of the boots. It says, "Good luck, our prayers are with you."

The LA County Fire Department is hoping this donation will inspire other agencies to also send much needed supplies to the people of Ukraine.

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