12/9: Bebel Gilberto

Bebel Gilberto brings a warm song.

BEBEL GILBERTO: It's like she knew in advance. She must have known in advance. Bebel Gilberto's songs are so warm, so samba-riffic, so redolent of sun lotion, so reminiscent of a day by a beautiful pool. She must have known that this was the chilly week we needed her glowing-good tunes. And we're getting them, at Music Box @ Fonda, tonight.

HOLIDOOZY CHRISTMESS SPECIAL: If things -- by things we mean the gift purchasing and the cookie making and the glogg drinking -- aren't going as well as you planned right now, join the everyone's-here club. Laughing is just the ticket. This retrofied trio and their UCB-y shenanigans makes us smile. They're on at 8PM for $5.

HOLIDAY ORGAN SPECTACULAR: Let's hear for the organ, an instrument that is played year-round in venues everywhere but always seems to get a little extra love come December. Now think about sitting in Walt Disney Concert Hall, with acoustics so sublime you feel like sending an excited text to yourself about them, and hearing an organ play carols. You can tonight (and be sure to save the texting for after the show).

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