A Thousand Places in a Day

The LA Times Travel Show is back to stoke dreams.

It's billed as "the largest travel event in the U.S.!" And that exclamation point is not hyperbole.

If you've been to the Los Angeles Times Travel & Adventure Show, which returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center on February 13th and 14th, you know that about 71 exclamation points would do here. Because this thing is huge. Reps from all sorts of hotels and tour companies and visitor bureaus are on hand to chat, take questions, have you fill out forms to win trips.

It's big. Planet-covering big.

It's like the April, UCLA-based LA Times Festival of Books in large-o-sity, except it is inside, so it doesn't ramble over a college campus. In other words, and we mean this, show up with some sort of tote bag in which to tote all your travel literature. Because. You'll have a lot by the end of the day.

That is, if you like travel. That's you, right?

Also, knowing ALL the Channel Islands can only help you. We got asked last year by a Ventura County rep to name all five and we beefed it. And we call ourselves National Park enthusiasts. Feels like a "d'oh!" would be in order here.

Better yet, just arrive knowing everything about our great state. That's not too hard, right? You might win something nice, or at the very least garner praise.

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