February 24, 2010

Well, we hate to start off the morning on a bad note, but we're just doing our job by letting you readers know that TIME magazine has published the 10 most dangerous foods. It gets worse. The hot dog was voted number one! The wiener is getting a bad wrap this week starting with the USA Today story 'Pediatricians Call for a  Choke Proof Hot Dog,' and this just in from Off The Record "Royals Mascot Accused of Poking Fan in the Eye with a Wiener."  Perhaps this will be a topic of discussion today with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and former President Bill Clinton who are in Los Angeles today for an obesity summit.  San Francisco Gate

Mac Daddy: Mac & Cheeza officially opened downtown with take away containers of pasta. You can choose a healthy alternative with rice flour mac and soy rather than cheese and toppings vary from collard greens to chorizo.Daily Dish Also new, a Japanese fondue and sake bar and shabu-shabu eatery near the Staples Center. Maybe Stefan's on Montana is on to a new trend here. We reported a few days ago that his new dinner menu would feature fondue.

Check in with us a bit later as we give you an Oscar dining update, share news on openings, anniversary parties and events going on this week, plus in-sider interviews with two chefs.

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