Attack of the Phones: Android-Powered T-Mobile G1 with Google Phone

Photo via Gizmodo

Today, T-Mobile held a press conference announcing the launch of its Android (software)-powered G1 with Google cell phone in an aim to compete with the iPhone, which will go on sale October 22 for $179. It has a full touch-screen and QWERTY keyboard, and since this is a partnership with Google, it includes tons of Google products—Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps Street View, etc. There's also the Android Market, which will allow developers to upload and sell applications for free, versus Apple, which charges a fee to upload.

You can go to Gizmodo to see a walk through of the G1. Because it has a slider touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard, it is thicker and made completely out of plastic, but the blog still describes it as feeling "good" and not as "clunky" as anticipated: "Control wise, it suffers from a bit of schizophrenia—with a trackball, touchscreen, candybar mode and flip-out QWERTY, there's a lot going on at once. What's nice is that it seems to not lock you in to anyone type of control interface—scrolling with trackball and touching work at the same time in many apps." And for an overview of top five flaws, check here.
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