Australia Rocks the Pier

Missy Higgins headlines a musical trip to Oz.

Missy Higgins

Some people would say there's a very warm kinship between Los Angeles and our friends Down Under, and those some people would be correct. We think that kinship goes well beyond the fact that there's a lot of flow between our movie and television industries (although those ties are notably strong).

Take Australia Rocks the Pier, which celebrates year two at Santa Monica Pier on Thursday, July 21. Yes, it shines a spotlight on rockers who hail from Down Under -- Missy Higgins, Kim Churchill, and Andy Clockwise are set to take the stage -- but the general Oz-o-sity of the night is high in all areas.

For example, attendees at the free show have a chance to win a free trip to Australia courtesy of Tourism NSW and Virgin Australia. Find the Virgin booth if this idea tempts you. If this idea does not tempt you, well. We don't know what to even say to that. We're not sure there's a person out there who cannot be enticed by a free trip to such a beautiful land.

Note that about 10,000 fans showed at the 2010 Australia Rocks show, so arrive early. Everything gets going at 7 p.m., so "early" is earlier than that.

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