Aziz Ansari to Give Nice Restaurant a Plaque

Comedians have bestowed the Food Club award, again.

We've written, with fondness, about The Dining Room at the Langham before. We've also written, with fondness, about Aziz Ansari.

So seeing the place and the man come together is like a great bouquet of happy flowers for our Tuesday morning. We just learned over at Hotel Chatter that Aziz Ansari and his Food Club will present the Langham with a plaque saying they approve and enjoy the Langham, or whatever it is that plaques from people to places generally say.

The Food Club also includes Eric Wareheim of Tim & Eric and funny person Jason Woliner. The gentlemen also wear vaguely nautical wear, which signifies their authority in the plaque-giving department.

One suggestion to Mr. Ansari: Get official-looking window stickers made. We're not sure the Langham'll put 'em up, though we could be talking out of turn, because again, the Langham always surprises and delights. But just in case any future plaques you give to restaurants end up hanging in the little hallway that goes to the restaurant's restrooms, having stickers handy. A suggestion.

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