Betsey Johnson's Birthday Party (You're Invited)

Stopping and thinking deeply about our predilection for petticoats -- lots and lots of ice cream-colored petticoats, piled high beneath a skirt -- is not something we're going to do at this moment. We will say, however, that we've stopped, more than once, outside a Betsey Johnson window to ponder the sheer petticoat-osity of this particular designer.

Ms. Johnson is a fan of the frilly undergarment, as you probably know. She's a high-energy dynamo who likes high-energy clothes, and wowza hues, and outfits with opinions. She does a lot of cartwheels. A lot. Whenever she feels like it. And she's celebrating her 67th birthday.

It's happening on Sunday, August 23rd, from 5-6PM, at the Betsey Johnson store on Melrose. And you're invited. We all are invited. And she'll be there.

This isn't a special "birthday sale" thing where the store's namesake is across the globe; nope, the sassy sartorial star will be moving through the crowd, chitchatting, making sure her customers are eating birthday treats, browsing store specials, and having a ball. She's also celebrating her new collection, which we're guessing will be on display.

Dress bright. Feel bright. And think about what "67" means. Will we be cartwheeling at age 67? We're planning on it. Maybe somersaulting. That can be our "thing" -- somersaulting. Best get to practicing now.

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