Beverly Hills Hilton: Another Ridiculous Chapter

Another day, a new saga in the drama over the proposed Waldorf-Astoria hotel and Hilton renovation (all planned for Wilshire and Santa Monica boulevards). Tomorrow, voters will decide whether to approve the project (it's proposition H), but in the meantime, the Los Angeles Times' Martha Groves reports that the Beverly Hills Courier, a staunch supporter of the project, is currently running an ad--paid for by the Beverly Hilton--that insinuates that Councilwoman Nancy Krasne, who opposes the project, actually endorses it. According to the Times, the ad twists the words of a memo sent by Krasne to a Hilton executive (after an argument between the two, she sent the memo as an olive branch). This news follows questions about the Courier's agenda, questions about the Hilton wooing residents with free booze, and allegations of sign dumping. It will come as no surprise to anyone if there is a full-on fist fight among supporters/opponents at the voting booths tomorrow.
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