Border Crossers Get Aggressive About Defense

Drug dealers and scared business people are taking personal vehicle protection to new heights as the drug wars escalate across the border in Mexico, according to a published report.

A shop in Tijuana equips the vehicles with armor and handles cars referred to them by Fuller Ford in Chula Vista, KPBS reported. The SUV's cost about $50,000, and another $50,000 to install the armor.

Drivers of the vehicles produced in the Tijuana shop can deploy a "tack system" made up of a dozen rusty spiked balls the size of a fist that are used to deflate a pursuer's tires, create a cloud of pepper spray from an on-board tank or electrify the SUV's doors.

The vehicles are armored, of course, and can withstand direct gunfire to to windows and doors.

For more details, go to's "Border Crossers Driving Armored Vehicles for Better Protection"

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