David Lynch Signs “Dark Splendor”

The auteur signs a new book of his art.

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Yes, we've talked about director David Lynch in this space on one or two occasions. After all, he's one of our city's best bards, managing to be both sweet and sinister simultaneously. The oh-so-polite movie cowboy in "Mulholland Drive"? Kind of symbolizes both those qualities.

And then there are those sort of daily Los Angeles weather reports. If David Lynch tells us there'll be a marine layer, bet we're taking our cardigan when we leave the house.

Now the filmmaker and photographer and painter and thinker of strange and vast things will be at Book Soup signing his new book "David Lynch: Dark Splendor." The date is Monday, Aug. 16. There are drawings and "cryptic messages" inside, and pictures of the industrial spaces that Mr. Lynch has long been drawn to. Those bleak "Twin Peaks" smokestacks still puff in our heart. 

Will it be crowded? Will it be crowded. Yes. Time is 7 p.m., so leave time after work to get there and queue up.

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