Eater Inside: Philippe


Lawsuits have not held Philippe Chau Chow back from putting the final touches on his first West Coast eatery, Philippe.

Exterior signage is up and the above photos show the pretty much finished space that premiers on Friday. No shocker to see that the 5,000 square foot space that once housed Dolce has been ripped apart and put back together using a red, white, and black color scheme prototypical of the other Philippe outposts: Miami, NYC, East Hampton, and Mexico.

So, the space at 8284 Melrose Ave has gone from celebrity-owned (wasn't Ashton Kutcher involved?) to celebrity-chef owned (ah, so LA), hopefully the food is better the second time around. And on another note, since dineLA is just around the corner, the new eatery will offer a three-course lunch special for $20.10.

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