Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!

So we were on the Twitter, enjoying the observations and witticisms and frankeries of people who are famous and not famous and used-to-be famous and soon-to-be famous, when Mr. Eddie Izzard tweeted he'll be in LA for three nights, starting on Thursday, April 16th, at Largo at the Coronet.

There are so many things we're liking there we hardly know where to even start, but, since we want to talk about ticket times, we'll make our hosannas brief.

Uno: Eddie Izzard is a brilliant, blisteringly funny man who can impersonate a ravenous dinosaur ("im-dinosaur-ate" rather than im*person*ate would be more correct here, maybe?) and do it with feeling.

Two: Largo at the Coronet is a very pleasant, not overly biggish space that's a bit cozier than the venues the comedian typically commands. 

And three: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are the nights he'll be raising the funny, and those are three of the loveliest days of the week. In ascending order. Although we keep thinking we might slide Thursday to the top spot, because it is so Thursdayish and nice and pre-weekend-y and nothing disappointing has happened yet. Agree?

If you're Eddie-ly inclined, tickets for all three nights go on sale at 10AM Pacific on Tuesday, April 14.

Did we mention four? Four: "The Riches" (a show we adored and miss so).

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